The Thai Boxing Fit class is a Muay Thai fitness class that takes the techniques and combinations learned in All Levels Muay Thai and specifically applies them to an intense cardio fitness routine. This class is designed to help you build muscular endurance and strength.

Each class varies in techniques implemented but the general structure is the same—kicking your butt into shape. A variety of strength and conditioning exercises are practiced throughout the class including free weights, weight machines, core exercises, running, squats, and many more. Participants (Nak Mauys) will also be instructed to perform repetitive Muay Thai drills, including air drills, bag drills, and partnered drills.

Thai Boxing Fit takes All Levels Muay Thai lessons and focuses on the fitness aspect of the class rather than the technique (although proper technique will be reinforced and encouraged). You can easily burn 800-1000 calories per class!

Gear and Essentials Required

All students will need their own hand wraps and gloves and should bring them to every class, although some lessons may not require gloving up. Thai training shorts are optional but proper workout attire is necessary to allow proper movement of the body. Koh Muay Thai will provide all gear necessary for training, including Thai pads, mitts, belly pads, etc.

All jewelry (including watches) should be removed prior to the start of class.

Interested in Muay Thai Fitness? Contact us to try a free class and see what it is all about! We’re sure you’ll love it as much as we do!