Kru Ronnie Briere

Koh Muay Thai is proud to have Kru Ronnie Briere as a member who’s been a part of the health and fitness industry since 2004, with a martial arts journey that began in 2005. Starting with Brazilian jujitsu and judo, he quickly discovered his passion and achieved a blue belt under the guidance of Fabio Novaes, along with extensive training with Judo black belt Dave Middendorf.

Following some tournament experiences and injuries, our dedicated member decided to explore striking martial arts, and his love for Muay Thai was born from the very first elbow strike on a Thai pad. In 2009, he started training under Kru Ray Cole, co-founder of Tampa Muay Thai and founder of the Khanomtom Muay Thai system. By 2011, he became a certified trainer in the Khanomtom system.

While teaching at Koh Muay Thai, Kru Ronnie Briere also didn’t shy away from competing in Muay Thai, winning the ISKA Light Middleweight State Title in 2014 and, impressively, the ISKA Super Welterweight State Title just five months later – a champ champ before Conor!

His passion for Muay Thai took him to Thailand, where he trained under respected mentors like San Katapia at PBG Phuket, Kru Num Sitnumnoi at Singpatong Gym, and Kru F at Sitjaopho Muay Thai.

In 2015, he co-founded Koh Muay Thai with Ben Marrs and Danielle Briere, becoming an integral part of our team. Since then, he’s been instrumental in nurturing fighters who’ve gone on to compete at national and pro levels, representing Koh Muay Thai in organizations like PFL, BELLATOR, and GamebredFC. His journey is a testament to his dedication and unwavering love for Muay Thai and the Koh Muay Thai family.