Koh Muay Thai, Combat Sport

Ronnie Briere

Ronnie is the Head Trainer of Koh Muay Thai and is a two-time Florida State ISKA Champion with titles from two different weight classes. He is also the current Light Middle Weight State Champion and the Super Welterweight Champion.

He was taught the craft by Khru Ray Cole of Tampa Muay Thai and received his Muay Thai Trainer Certification in 2011 from Khru Ray Cole.

Ronnie lives Muay Thai and continues to train himself to the fullest. He has traveled to Thailand, Bangkok, and Phuket, and trained at Singpatong sit Num Noi to enhance his skills.

In addition to being a Muay Thai instructor, Ronnie is also a certified personal trainer and a strength and conditioning coach. He has been committed to helping individuals find their strength since 2006.

Dirty Boxing, Tampa, FL

Danielle McAllister

Danielle has been a practitioner of Muay Thai for the last 6 years and is currently undefeated as an Amateur Muay Thai fighter. Muay Thai isn’t just her hobby—it’s her passion.

“The best part about Muay Thai is there is always something to learn. Just being in a constant state of learning makes me a better fighter and a better trainer. I love teaching; seeing the excitement and the passion in others for the sport and the culture.”

She is a Certified Level 1 Muay Thai Instructor and a Level 2 Boxer.