Classes on the scheduled labeled Level 1 (One) are closed to all Nak Muays except for those who are Level 1 Certified or higher. Level One sparring classes are every Wednesday at 7pm and Friday at 6pm and the Level 1/Fight Team Sparring is held every Friday at 6pm.

Intense partnered sparring is the focus of our Level 1 and Fight Team Sparring training class. With the focus and aim to prepare Level 1 (or higher) Nak Muays and instructors for Muay Thai competition and sparring competitions as well as to further enhance the technique, skill, speed, and defensive response to offensive attack.

Gear and Essentials Required

All students will need their own hand wraps and gloves. Thai training shorts are optional but proper workout attire is necessary to allow proper movement of the body. Koh Muay Thai will provide all gear necessary for training, including Thai pads, mitts, belly pads, etc.

All jewelry (including watches) should be removed prior to the start of class