Are there belts in Muay Thai?2019-07-13T07:19:10+00:00

Unlike may other types of Martial Arts, Muay Thai differs in that there are no belts or levels—outside of Nak Muay and Instructor (Level One or higher).

I have no martial arts experience, which class should I join?2019-05-27T15:18:05+00:00

We recommend our All Levels Muay Thai class. It is open to all ages and experience levels and focuses on accurately forming the techniques for movements, blocks, and strikes to muscle memory through slow, repetitive movement. If your focus is more about just getting into shape, then our Muay Thai Fitness class may be more ideal for burning calories.

What counts as “all levels”?2019-05-27T15:18:24+00:00

All levels include all levels of experience—beginner, intermediate, and advanced. In most instances, all level classes are open to individuals 13 and older. Children 12 and under are grouped in our Koh Kids’ Muay Thai class. An exception would be out Open Mat hours where all ages and levels are welcome to practice their skills.

Are classes co-ed?2019-05-20T11:19:09+00:00


Are there multiple age groups in the same class?2019-05-27T15:18:52+00:00

Yes, typically the only separation of age groups is our 12 and under Nak Muays (students) have their own Koh Kids’ Muay Thai class. Nak Muays 13 and over are able to participate in any class labeled as “all levels”. The exception is Open Mat, where all ages and all levels are invited to practice their skill of choosing.

At what age can my child join the kids’ muay thai class?2019-05-20T11:17:54+00:00

We accept students who are age 4 and older.

Are there belts in Muay Thai? What rating/testing system is used?


When can I take my Level 1 test?

Will there be sparring during class?2019-05-27T15:29:07+00:00

True sparring is reserved for our Level 1 and Boxing Sparring classes; however, light contact sparring is used during instruction for partners to practice specific movements, combinations, strikes, and/or blocks. Appropriate protective gear is always used.

What gear is required?2019-05-27T15:29:39+00:00

All students will need their own hand wraps and gloves. Thai training shorts are optional but proper workout attire is necessary to allow proper movement of the body. If participating in Level 1 or Boxing Sparring, then your own personal mouthguard will also be needed. Participants of the wrestling class should wear tight fitting work out clothing as loose clothing can interfere with takedowns and submissions.

Koh Muay Thai will provide all gear necessary for training, including Thai pads, mitts, belly pads, etc.

All jewelry (including watches) should be removed prior to the start of class.

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