Dirty Boxing is not your average boxing lesson. A Muay Thai twist on traditional western boxing, encompassing both hand and elbow techniques during class instruction and while running drills. An hour-long intensive work out that goes over Muay Thai hand and elbow strikes, techniques, and combinations as well as strike strategies, blocks, and speed-strength conditioning.

This class is open to all levels—beginners, intermediate, and advanced level Nak Muays (students). Dirty Boxing sessions are held every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30pm. Although we make every attempt to adhere to a strict routine for class schedules, things can come up that may affect the schedules. To ensure you have the most recent schedule, please contact the gym at (813)728-6741.

Gear and Essentials Required

All students will need their own hand wraps and gloves. Thai training shorts are optional but proper workout attire is necessary to allow proper movement of the body. Koh Muay Thai will provide all gear necessary for training, including Thai pads, mitts, belly pads, etc.

All jewelry (including watches) should be removed prior to the start of class.

Interested in a Muay Thai or Dirty Boxing class? Contact us to try a free class and see what it is all about!