The All Levels Muay Thai Class is held on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings at 9am and Monday through Thursday evenings beginning at 6:30pm. Saturday’s All Levels Muay Thai training session begins at 10am. Although we make every attempt to adhere to a strict routine for class schedules, things can come up that may affect the schedules. To ensure you have the most recent schedule, please contact the gym at (813) 728-6741.

The All Levels Muay Thai training class is open to Teens and Adults of all levels of experience, but typically consist of beginners and intermediate level Nak Muays (students). As Muay Thai training is much like a family, the Nak Muays are often joined in training with advanced level students who assist each Nak Muay in learning the proper techniques and running drills. The class is overseen and instructed by a Certified Level 1 Trainer or above.

Each class focuses on introducing and reviewing fundamental drills and techniques including basic defensive and offensive footwork and proper forms for elbows, punches, knee strikes, and kicks. Each class also consists of extensive cardio and conditioning either through performing these drills or supplementing with other cardio exercises and warmups/downs.

Nak Muays are presented the opportunity in most classes to implement the drills they learn in basic partnered sparring using Thai pads and mitts.

Gear and Essentials Required

All students will need their own hand wraps and gloves. Thai training shorts are optional but proper workout attire is necessary to allow proper movement of the body. Koh Muay Thai will provide all gear necessary for training, including Thai pads, mitts, belly pads, etc.

All jewelry (including watches) should be removed prior to the start of class.

Interested in Muay Thai? Contact us to try a free class and see what it is all about! We’re sure you’ll love it as much as we do!